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Write Like a Girl, my monthly column for B-Metro Magazine

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I’m a regular contributor for StyleBlueprint Birmingham. Read my stories here.

I Don’t Like Christmas, and That’s OK, published December 23, 2014

My Name Is Birmingham, published November 21, 2014

Lessons From a Younger Generation, September 26, 2014

The “Hip Hop Genius” In the Classroom, published August 28, 2014

The Complexities of Colorism, July 31, 2014

Finding Home Again in Birmingham, published May 29, 2014

Finding Fashion In the Magic City, published April 24, 2014

Going Natural: It’s Not Just a Hairstyle, It’s a Lifestyle, published March 27, 2014

In Search of My Womanist Self, published February 27, 2014

Strong Is the New Skinny, published January 31, 2014

Black Women Don’t Exercise?, published Sept. 10, 2013

Spreading the Love on Loving Day, published June 2013

I Was Told I Couldn’t Be a Feminist Because I’m Black, published April 16, 2013

Do We Still Need Black History Month?, published Feb. 4, 2013



Setting the Pace: Local running groups lead by example and encourage fitness in African-American communities, February 2015


Birmingham celebrates 50 years of civil rights history, published Jan. 20, 2013

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Keys to Success: Aleksandra Kasman proves herself on the world stage, April 2016

Building On an Idea, April 2015

State of Education: UAB Alumni Serve at Alabama’s Top Teachers, January 2014

For Kids’ Sake (profile of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ president and CEO Richard D. Cordova) from the Jan/Feb/March 2013 issue

Nina Garcia: Keeping Fashion In Fashion from the Oct/Nov/Dec 2012 Issue

Marching to His Own Beat from the July/Aug/Sept 2012 Issue

A League of Her Own from the July/Aug/Sept 2012 Issue

Brand Builder from the July/Aug/Sept 2012

A Reel Legacy from the Jan/Feb/Mar 2012 Issue



How to Motivate a Work Force (Company Culture story on Denbury Resources) from the July/Aug/Sept 2013 issue

Trust the People You Hire: Kim Hendricks offers her insights on ways to overcome challenging times in your career  from the April/May/June 2013 issue

“Soul” Asset Manager (a profile of Ken Polk of Arlington Family Offices) from the July/Aug/Sept 2012 issue



 Oh No, I’m 30, Now What?!, published Nov. 18, 2011

 Does the Single Woman Meme Divide Women? ,published Oct. 21, 2011